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 SCHLUEB architecture was established during the spring of 2000, guided by Matthew Schlueb's nearly two decades of designing homes ranging from traditional to modern and located between New York and Los Angeles.  
Specializing exclusively in residential design, every home is tailored to the unique personae and lifestyle of each client.

"It is my belief, that people (especially children) exposed to the right types of architectural space can enhance their awareness and cognitive skills.  I base this premise on my own practice, which was founded on research originating from my graduate thesis work.  Every inhabitable space is defined by a vocabulary of textures and thresholds, saturated in both historic and personal meaning.  Making sense of that vocabulary, by accentuating the features with significant meaning and editing those without, increases sensitivity to a space and ultimately refines one's palette and perspective."

Understanding the necessity for good design in a dwelling environment, Matthew continuously fosters a professional association with regional and nationally acclaimed artists.  Through close working relationships, he brings to life the creative dreams of his clientele, who share his appreciation for the arts.

"Exploring the influences from living with artwork over time, I have also learned that the most substantive role for a home's atmosphere is to echo the memories of the people living within it.  A space that reminds of a fond experience or ancestral roots will create a sense of grounding, a familiar feeling, a place of belonging.  By doing this, architecture becomes a shelter for emotional needs in addition to a shelter for physical needs; a refuge for the senses."

Matthew Schlueb, Principal
SCHLUEB architecture